co Google Links GoogleBase With LBC |

If you saw the story we did a few days ago on Google linking its Local Business Center with Google Maps result then you know that Google is serious about improving its offerings for local businesses. Well, now it seems they’ve decided to link GoogleBase with the LBC as well.

If you’re not familiar with GoogleBase, this is a section of Google where you can upload your products and make them searchable just by entering their descriptions and even scanning bar codes. It’s a great service for local retailers without an e-commerce site.

The benefit here is that consumers looking for specific product information may be able to find it at a local store. Since most consumers like to do product research online then drive to make a purchase, that will help out local businesses that offer the products that consumers are looking for. Here’s the practical application:

Let’s say you own Mom & Pop’s Electronics Store and you have a shop across the street from Best Buy. A consumer in your town is looking for the latest Sony head gadget. You’ve got it. Upload your product information into GoogleBase and link it to your profile on Local Business Center. When a searcher queries the product she is likely to find it in your store.