co Using Google Ad Manager To Sell Ads On Your Site |

Julie Martin at WorkZ has a great article teaching small business owners how to sell banner ads. Good post.

On the banner ad topic, which falls into display advertising, if you’re ready to sell ads on your site then you might make good use of Google Ad Manager. This is a tool for webmasters who don’t want to use up their server space to manage ads. It’s pretty useful.

In effect, Google Ad Manager acts as your server. But it’s really more than that. Not only does it store your ads but it can also help you sell them. How it works is like this:

  • You create the ad parameters for the ads that you want to sell
  • Advertise on your site that you’re ready to take orders
  • Sell ads and collect the money

The biggest danger for a small business website owner in selling ads is that you don’t sell ads to your competitors. Keep a close eye on the ads you sell and you can even reject offers from your competitors if you don’t want them advertising on your site.