co Small Business Copywriting For A New Millennium |

Should small business owners use copywriters? In the past, too many small businesses shunned the use of copywriters because they couldn’t justify the expense. But you don’t have to do that any more. In fact, I’d say you should spend the money. A good copywriter is worth the investment.

Copywriters today do more than just write press releases and marketing brochures. They also write website content and perform other online marketing tasks. They can write articles and blog content or assist you with your social media campaigns. Today’s copywriters are much more versatile and even go so far as to learn search engine optimization in order to remain competitive.

And the best part is that global competition has driven the price of copywriting way down. You used to be have to pay hundreds of dollars for a copywriter worth his weight in grain, but because the Internet has stiffened the competition among copywriters you can get a decent one now for about half the price of what you’d have paid 20 years ago.

You cannot afford to let your business be represented by amateurs. Your website and online marketing content will be alive forever. You want it to be golden, to be professional, and a good copywriter can help you with that.