co Local Businesses Can Now Track How Searchers Use Google Maps |

Google announced earlier this week that it has incorporated some tracking and analytics data with its Local Business Center. This is good news for local business owners because analytics information is very important for measuring how your business is doing online. Specifically, information that local businesses can track include

  • The number of impressions your business listing receives as a result of a Google Maps search or search
  • How many actions users took while interacting with your business listing
  • Top search queries people used to find your business listing
  • Zip codes used to find directions to your locations

This information is valuable information for a local business. And even better, it’s actionable data, meaning you can make sound business decisions based on this information. By discovering what the top queries are for people finding you in your local area, you can go on to build more web pages targeted the keywords that are right for your business. And if you know which zip codes people are traveling from you can use that information to help you plan future business locations. You can also see if people are interacting with your business listing multiple times with one impression.

This is great information. If you have a local business and you’ve been wondering how you can track some of these things, now is the time. Learn more about LBCs analytics tracking here and here.