co Bing Pings To No. 2 In Search |

In just a few short days, less than a week actually, Microsoft’s new search enging Bing has replaced Yahoo! as the No. 2 search engine. That’s according to an article in WebProNews. But the big question is whether or not the search engine can maintain that position long term. I’m betting that they do.

Bing has certainly got a lot of buzz and if you haven’t used the search engine yet then you should probably make your way over and give it a try. My first impression is pretty positive and it looks like Microsoft has made a complete turn around in search technology, which is what it will take to become a competitive player in the search market.

One possibility is that the initial buzz got everyone talking and checking it out. But will they change their search habits? Will Googlers abandon the No. 1 search engine and migrate over to Bing? Will Yahoo! users? I think that some may, but there won’t be a mass exodus. What is likely is that users of both search engines will incorporate Bing as a second opinion source. If that happens then Bing could rise to No. 2 permanently. Nevertheless, this report is interesting news and is just good enough to keep us all on our toes.