co Is Bing The Answer To Your Small Business Search Questions? |

Bing, Microsoft’s new search brand, made its initial public debut on June 1. I think the question for small business owners is whether or not Bing will solve a problem or help people find them better.

Initial impressions of Bing seem to be good. Upon first glance, it looks a lot like MSN Live did. Not much of a change. Minor cosmetic differences is all. But when you delve into Bing’s search features, that’s a different story. I must say that I am impressed.

It seems that Bing’s biggest problem may just be the fact that it took so long to happen. I mean, Google still has a sizable lead in search and that doesn’t appear to be letting up any time soon. But I do see an improvement in search results. The question is whether or not local searchers looking for local businesses to patronize will be able to use the search engine to find what they want. If that happens then I think you’ll see an increase in market share for Bing. That increase might not make a difference in overcoming Google. It may make a difference in overcoming Yahoo!

I’m interested in your opinion. Do you think Bing is going places?