co 4 Underused Online Communication Tools You Can Use For Your Business Today |

Small business marketers can always do a little more even if they have a little less. Here are 4 online communication tools that you can use for greater efficiency and profitability:

  • Skype – Skype is a free communications tool that allows you to call other Skype users through the Internet or to call from your computer to a landline for a small fee, usually less expensively than it would cost you to call long distance from land line to land line. This tool will allow you to conduct customer service and sales calls more efficiently and less expensively. Put your phone number on your website and Skype users will be able to click the phone number and call you directly. Include your Skype address and you save them money.
  • Webcam – You don’t have to be a porn star to use a webcam. This tool, which you can acquire for just a few bucks, will allow you to speak directly to your website visitors and build solid trust and credibility with a 30-second presentation. There are so many powerful uses for a webcam that it should go without mentioning, but too many small business owners fail to tap into its power. In just a few minutes you can produce a solid video presentation that closes sales.
  • Live Chat – Did you know you can allow your website visitors to chat with you live at the click of a button? This is one of the most underused small business tools online.
  • Teleconference – Teleconferencing used to be available only to big corporations and it cost a fortune. Not any more. For just a few dollars you can speak to thousands of people all over the world using one of several online teleconferencing tools and take your small business to a new level.

Now it’s your turn. What online communication tools do you use that other small business owners don’t take full advantage of?