co Managing Your Online Business Reputation |

Company Brand Name Reputation is one of the most important factors to create and foster with online advertising. When people are talking about your product or services, you can be sure that others are reading or watching those comments and forming an idea about your business.

So what do you do when an unhappy customer posts a negative review of your business or product? Keep in mind that negative reviews are detrimental to your online reputation, but if it managed correctly, you can negate some of its worst impacts. The best way to manage a negative online review of your small business is to take moment to collect yourself and then investigate the situation before you reply.

Researching a Negative Online Review of your Small Business:


Your first course of investigating should of course revolve around the facts listed in the negative review.
Was the review about service? Find out when, where, and who, and then interview that employee to understand what happened.
Was the review about a product? Look into the product and the complaint to find out if that particular product had a flaw that caused an issue.


If the negative review is legitimate, because of a bad employee or a fault in the product, reply back that you have or are addressing the situation, and how. Many negative experiences can be turned into positive ones if the company takes the time to take action. If the negative review is factually incorrect, ask for a removal or a retraction of the post, and explain why.

Online Reputation is important, and even a negative review, when properly handled, can be turned around.