co What's Your Small Business Website's Purpose? |

Small Business online marketing is vital to a successful profit margin.  The right website can push a small business over the threshold of “making enough to pay the bills” and into the often fantasized realm of “actually making a profit.” Because of this, most small business owners either throw up a website as quickly as they can to capitalize on potential profits now, or they blow their entire budget on flashy enhancements to make their site pop, only to find their online sales fizzle.

Building a website for a small business can be a simple, organic process if you take the time to think about some very key answers to some very key questions.

The first question is straightforward and classic, and yet without asking it, you risk failing from the start.

What is the purpose of your website?

The answer to this question will determine the direction that your small business will take on your website.

Will your website be used to:

  • Provide Information about your business
  • Sell products or services
  • Generate a Business Brand and Reputation
  • Generate Leads

A small business that offers local services will most likely not be using their website to sell products, but to provide information on the business and it’s services and to generate leads and quotes for customers interested in those services. In this case, the website must be used heavily towards those ends.

A small business that offers products for sale must rely more heavily on products, pictures and descriptions as well as a smooth process for sales, exchange of funds and purchase tracking purposes.

Building a website for the online presence of a small business needs to be tailored to the business purpose for successful online marketing.