co Buzillions Partners With Krillion For Local Product Search |

According to a Marketwire press release, Buzzillions is integrating Krillion real time search for local product location. A cool idea. Except that I can’t find it anywhere on their site.

For readers not familiar with either Buzzillions or Krillion, both websites are great opportunities for local retailers. Buzzillions is a product review site that is well trafficked and if you’re in retail you need to get familiar with product review sites because consumers use them and make buying decisions based on them. Krillion is a real time product search engine that allows consumers to find where a product is in stock at a local retailer. A great service to get to know if you are a local retailer. A partnership between these two companies would be a powerful partnership indeed.

Greg Sterling has some screenshots of the integration on his website, but I can’t seem to find it myself. On the screenshot you can see the Find Locally search box just below the Where To Buy box on the product page. When I visit Buzzillions, however, I don’t see it. I wonder if the service is in beta.