co How Google Blog Search Can Improve Your Marketing |

Go to Google Blog Search and type in “small business internet marketing”. If you see what I see, you’ll notice that Small Business Mavericks is right at the top of the page under the heading “Related Blogs”. How did it get there?

I read where Google improved its blog search feature and this is the result. I’d say that’s a pretty good improvement, wouldn’t you? But, it does get better.

You can search for results within the last hour and, even better, choose the dates you want to browse for the results you are looking for. I like that feature.

Google Blog Search is a good tool to use if you are looking specifically for blogs that have published information on a particular topic within a certain time frame. But it’s also a good SEO tool for businesses that want to target specific topics. If you write a business blog, make sure that you optimize your blog posts so that they rank well for your key terms in the search engines. The more people that know how to use tools like Google Blog Search, the more likely you are to get found for recent entries on your blog. It’s a simple way to market your content and effective.