co Local Internet Marketing Options |

When it comes to local Internet marketing options, you have more than one. It’s not all online, but then it’s not all off line either. Local Internet marketing is its own little game apart from the global game played by big players and solo entrepreneurs who compete against them. Your competition is not the guy in Hong Kong (unless you’re in Hong Kong), but the guy across the street or on the other side of town – you know, the one who just slashed his prices to try to put you out of business? Yeah, that guy.

So how do you use local Internet marketing to compete against other small businesses on your own turf? It really isn’t hard. Here are some local Internet marketing options that can help you gain the edge:

  • Geographic SEO – Search is still your best option. People in your neighborhood will go online to find businesses like yours in their vicinity. Make sure you use locally geo-targeted keywords in your online content.
  • Maps – All the search engines have them. Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, etc. Get your site listed. It’s free.
  • Online Directories – Not all directories are general directories. There are a ton of local directories too. List your site in those.
  • Review Sites – Sites like Yelp allow customers to write reviews of local businesses they like. Get your customers to write about you.
  • Articles – Yes, even articles can help build your business. Online and off line publications will publish your well-written articles. If you publish articles online then you get back links to your website. Publish them off line and you can have your web address included in the URL.
  • A Company Blog – If you’ve heard of a blog then you’re off to a good start. But why don’t you have one. There is no single online tool more capable of increasing your search engine presence fast.
  • Networking – Like article marketing, networking is something you can do both online and off line. In fact, online networking is a lot like off line networking. And you should do it because it works. But don’t give up on off line local meet and greets just because you’re online.

Local Internet marketing is global Internet marketing in your backyard. You can use all the same tools, but local Internet marketers actually have a few things going for them that the big global players don’t have. Use your tools wisely and you’ll see the pay off.