co 82% Of Internet Users Respond To Display Advertising |

It seems that display advertising online is effective after all. Many Internet marketers had written it off as ineffective, but according to a news article in WebProNews, it may very well be one of the best ways to advertise online.

The interesting thing to me is 31% of people who respond to display advertising do so by clicking the ad. Almost as many (27%) conduct a search for the brand name. My guess a number of those people are searching for negative information on the company to see if they are reputable or have any bad reviews. Another 21% actually type in the URL into their web browser and head straight for the company’s website. That’s a total of 52% that head straight to the company website, either by clicking the ad or typing in the URL.

A total of 82% of Internet users respond in some way to display advertising online. That’s pretty remarkable. And I’d say it’s a good way to spend your ad dollars online. The difficulty with display advertising is that it isn’t always easy to judge ROI, but if people respond, like TV advertising, and you get traffic to your site, wouldn’t that be worth it?