co Are You Targeting Long Keyword Phrases? |

One of the things that we’ve been reading about quite a bit in search news is the share of the market that each of the search engines have. Google has jumped up over 70% of the market share while Yahoo!, the No. 2 search engine, is in decline. But even more striking news is that the increase in the number of people who search for long keyword phrases is getting bigger.

This article in WebProNews says it increased 7% over the same period last year for keyword phrases five to eight words. For keyword phrases of eight words or longer, the increase was 18%. And two-word searches are going down.

What this means for small business owners who hope to be found in the search engines is that you’ll have greater opportunities and fewer competition the longer your search phrase. SEO is getting a lot more competitive as more and more businesses go online to compete for business. Isn’t it time to figure out where you fall into the search engine rankings based on the long key phrases you want to target?