co Sources: Is The Internet Destroying Truth? |

Have you ever heard of Maurice Jarre? I hadn’t until I read this article in WebProNews. Turns out, I should have known who he is. He wrote the music score for several high profile movies like Dead Poets Society and Doctor Zhivago.

If anyone can edit a website like Wikipedia, or publish a blog post, and throw out erroneous information that goes unchecked, how long will it be before none of us can rely on information at all? Even mainstream newspapers like Guardian and London Independent reprinted a prank quote from a Wikipedia article. If the mainstream press is doing it then how much more so are everyone else?

You may be asking what does this have to do with Internet marketing for small businesses? Plenty actually. Do you check or double check the sources you use for your blogs and articles? If so, how do you check for accuracy? How should you?

I think there are some rules of thumb we should all strive to pay attention to. Chief among those is where else can you verify the information? If you find something that purports to be true, you should check to see if you can find that information somewhere else. If not then it may not be true. Another thing to consider, and this is just as important as using more than one source, is to ensure that the sources you do use – all of the sources – are credible authoritative sources. Wikipedia is not. There are too many fingers in the pie. But Encyclopedia Britannica is. You’d like Guardian and other mainstream newspaper editors would know that. So should small business owners.