co Twitter Is Revolutionizing Search |

Many start up companies in the last five years have tried to compete head-to-head with Google. Some, like Cuil, have even been so bold as to claim they will knock Google off the hill that Google is king of. Despite their strengths, none of them have even come close. But Twitter might.

How often have you Googled a search term hoping to find the latest and greatest information only to find web pages that were two or more years old? Happens all the time, doesn’t it?

If you want the latest information on Google you have to perform a blog search. Then you’re only going to get the latest blog posts for your query. That could result in blog posts made two hours ago, or a day ago. And often does. But if you search on Twitter then you get the latest tweets for your query. That likely will be within a minute ago. And Google can’t do that.

Until now, Twitter’s weakness has been that you could only search for actual tweets and if the information didn’t exist as something other than a tweet then the search result didn’t see it. According to an article on CNET, that’s about to change. Twitter is getting a bot to crawl the links in your tweet. That way, when a searcher looks for information on a topic and Twitter returns the latest result, your blog posts and other website information could be included in the results. And if you wrote a blog post less than one minute ago, it could very well be included in the search listings. That’s pretty powerful stuff.