co How Copywriting Can Save The Day |

There is no substitute for good copy. Copy sells. And if you don’t have the right copy, or the best copy for your business, then you may not make the sales you want.

A good copywriter will pay for herself over and over. A bad one will cost you. Whether online or off line, it is very important to ensure that your copy is the best that it can be to sell your business and attract new customers. But what does that mean?

Here’s a short list of what good copywriting can, and should, do for you:

  • Be honest about who you are and what you stand for
  • Brand you and your product or service so that you are recognizable at a glance
  • Sell the benefits of your product or service to new clients
  • Make existing clients confirm in their minds that they chose the right business
  • Answer every question your prospects will have about your product or service
  • Present the best features of your product or service in the best light
  • NOT be deceptive

Is your copywriting passing the test? Why or why not?