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We had a GREAT workshop last Thursday evening, hosted by BlueChip-Advisors, LLC. We covered LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter — how to use these sites to grow your business. The survey responses after the class indicated that everyone learned a TON and I am always amazed at how much I learn whenever I teach one of these workshops! (If I were more coordinated, I’d have snapped some pictures; I will try to do that next time!)

One of the participants in Thursday’s workshop asked me the question that I invariably get asked whenever I start to talk about using Twitter for business – that is, (and I’m paraphrasing here…), “Who the heck cares that someone I’m following ate a tuna fish sandwich yesterday for lunch???”

I used to answer that question with a smile and a nod, and agree that what someone ate for lunch yesterday probably isn’t the most riveting thing you can learn on Twitter.

Unless, of course, you happen to sell tuna fish for a living.

You see, with Twitter having opened up its search functionality to all users now, the implications are pretty darn powerful from a marketing standpoint.

Let’s take a different example – since I don’t know anyone personally who sells tuna fish, but I did have the opportunity to meet two gentlemen who work at Sturdiwheat in Redwing, Minnesota during the workshop Thursday night. Sturdiwheat sells pancake mix — really, really good pancake mix – in a lot of different varieties.

If Sturdiwheat takes my advice and gets a Twitter account, then does search on keywords related to their pancake mix products (pancakes, blueberry pancakes, strawberry pancakes, buckwheat pancakes – well, you get the idea), they are going to find a whole bunch of people who like to eat pancakes on Twitter.

Then they could follow all of those people who enjoy eating pancakes who are Tweeting about it. So, let’s say I’ve tweeted about eating pancakes, and Sturdiwheat follows me. When I get notified that I have a new follower, I’m going to check out who that is by clicking on their name (which would look like an “@” symbol and then whatever name hey choose for their Twitter “handle”). When I see that they have special offers for their followers on Twitter, I’m going to follow them back — and them I’m going to click on the link to their website that they post within their Tweets, and likely order some pancake mix to try it out at home.

This is how Sturdiwheat could start to build a community of pancake lovers online.

While you and I might not care very much about who eats pancakes, Sturdiwheat cares a whole bunch about that.

As people start following Sturdiwheat on Twitter, they will start talking about Sturdiwheat on Twitter. They’ll talk about how great the pancake mix is, it’s benefits, and what a great deal they got by being a Twitter follower. Then THEIR followers will see them talking about Sturdiwheat, and they will start to follow Sturdiwheat too. The’ll get the pancake deal, and they’ll talk about it to THEIR followers. It’s like that old Fabrege shampoo commercial in action (she told two friends, and SHE told two friends, and so on …)

This is how Sturdiwheat joins the conversation about their product, and their company, online (and how they develop their relationship online as well).

THIS is why Twitter is a big deal. A heckava big deal. It is NOT about Sturdiwheat blasting away at anyone who will listen about their product. It IS about Sturdiwheat building a relationship with like-minded people and then making them an offer for something they’ve already identified that they use and want. It’s target marketing at it’s finest … and did I mention Twitter is FREE?

How can you use Twitter in YOUR business? Come check out my workshop, coming up on May 27th, where we are going to walk through examples just like this one for Sturdiwheat for YOUR business (each attendee will leave with a plan for how they can use Twitter to find a new audience online). Get more details and register for the workshop on my website, but don’t wait too long – the last workshop sold out!!

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