co Do You Have A Web Marketing Plan? |

Web marketing can be confusing for anyone who doesn’t have the time to study all the nuances of getting attention online. You’ve got many different vehicles to use and they’re all good for doing certain things, but not necessarily good for everything. Which ones should you use?

Blogs are great communication tools, but they have their limitations. Articles can drive massive traffic to your website if you use enough of them, but don’t you want that content on your website? Forum are good for establishing relationships with the people you want to do business with. Twitter is one of the best traffic drivers I’ve seen in a long time. E-mail newsletters are great for keeping your customers and prospects in the loop, but they too have their limitations. Most of the time, a combination of tactics is necessary to get the business that you want. That’s why you need a plan.

A good Web marketing plan should start at the beginning. It should incorporate as many elements of online marketing as is feasible for you and your team to implement and outsource any that you feel you can’t do in-house. Every piece of your plan must be for a purpose. Don’t just do things because someone said it’s cool.

When you put together your Web marketing plan, make sure that you give a specific purpose to each element you use and be sure all the elements work together.