co Why Twitter Is The Perfect Small Business Branding Tool |

Yesterday, Twitter rolled out its search feature universally to all users. The reason that is significant is because now you can search Twitter in real time to see what is happening right now. Who’s saying what and what they are saying about it. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

For instance, I typed “Wayzata” into the Twitter search bar. Found this from one hour ago:

stevemdick Kicked off the Wayzata Free Communications team last seemed to go well..lots of bulletin improvement ideas from Kristi and Heidi

Then I typed in “Minnesota marketing” and got this:

billyzhou Thinking about joining the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association. Anyone already part of MIMA?

Here’s the practical application. Type in a keyword related to your business. See’s who’s talking about it and what they’re saying. If they ask a question, reply to their message with an answer. They’ll think you are really helpful and follow you. That will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Through Twitter you can do all kinds of wonder communicating in faster and more powerful ways than ever before. And your small business can be branded as a helpful resource. It’s like magic.