co What Permalink Structure Should You Use On Your Blog? |

Your permalink is the complete long URL that you use for the address of your individual blog posts. An example of a permalink is:

Let’s walk through it line item by line item:

  • The domain name URL – This is simply your domain name. If your visitor is sitting on your home page, this is the URL that would show in her browser. In my case, that URL is It’s important to understand, however, that this address is the URL of my website, not the blog.
  • Blog Address – If your blog is your website then it may sit on the root domain. That would be the above-mentioned URL for my home page. But if your blog is a part of a larger website then it will have its own folder and will look something like this: internetmarketing is the name of the folder where my blog sits. Yours will be something similar, but you should name that folder something related to your niche and put an important keyword in it. This will help you with SEO.

Everything that follows from here pertains to the individual blog post. There are several ways you can go. First, you must decide whether you want to include the category name in your permalink. I have chosen to do that and you can see the category name in the permalink to the above blog post. It’s the part of the URL that reads seo-for-small-business/. The category name isn’t necessary, but it can further help identify to your readers the nature of your post.

After the category name (should you decide to use one), there are generally three other protocols in popular use:

  • Date protocol
  • Number of post protocol
  • Post name protocol

It is generally accepted not to use all three protocols, but you can, technically. They can appear in any order, but I’d prefer to put my post name closer to the beginning to make good use of my keywords in the domain name. Analyzing the above URL, you’ll see can-a-sitemap-get-your-website-indexed/. That’s the name of the individual blog post. After that, the numbers represent the date of that blog post. The number of post protocol is generally a 3 or 4 digit number, like this: 231. That represents the 231st blog post you wrote on that blog.

Which of these protocols you use for your blog depends on factors that are important to you in perception and ranking with the search engines. However you do it, just know that you have options.