co Twitter By Paid Subscription? |

Twitter itself is free and has no monetization in plan as of today. But there are countless services based on Twitter that are monetized and one service is offering Twitterers who have their accounts protected a way to monetize their Twitter accounts by taking paid subscriptions. That brings up the question, Will paid Twitter subscriptions be something new that future Internet marketers can use to offer premium content, much like a paid subscription e-mail newsletter?

I don’t know but it does seem that this might be a viable alternative to using Twitter as a free service. But you wouldn’t want to offer run-of-the-mill information as a paid service. That’s better being offered as a free service, like most e-mail newsletters. In order for the paid subscription idea to work you’ll have to have offer premium content that no one anywhere else is providing and that people will willingly pay for. That’s no easy task, but it can be done.