co Who Is Social Media About Anyway? |

How do you approach social media? Do you approach it from a “me” point of view or an “us” point of view? Your clients want to be a part of your business, not on the outside looking in.

This is the way business is in the 21st century. It isn’t about you talking to your audience. It is about you and your audience engaging in conversation. When you start a blog or engage in a social networking atmosphere, do you plan what you are going to say then let your audience respond or are you more about talking to your audience and cutting them out of the dialogue? You might try some tactics to get your readers involved in the discussion. If you lack comments on your blog or you aren’t getting any feedback on social networks, try a few of these tactics and see what happens:

  • Start off with a question. People love to give their opinion. Ask what they think about a particular topic.
  • Link to an interesting news story and offer a short commentary on why you think it’s important. If the story is an interesting one and grabs people’s attention then it could be a great conversation starter.
  • Compliment someone. On their blog or their social media profile. Let people know you like what they are doing.
  • Issue a challenge. Start a contest or ask people to respond to a challenge that you give.
  • Take a survey. Ask a question and give something to people who respond. This is a great way to perform market research.

There are many ways to start a conversation. Get people involved and they will respond to you positively. That’s what social media is about.