co Link Building Through Social Bookmarking |

Is social bookmarking a good way to build links into your website? It seems that it is. Everywhere you look there are new social bookmarking sites popping up. Those are opportunities for small business owners to get the word out about their website, build a community, and start building those links.

While social bookmarking serves other purposes too – it is more than just a way to build inbound links – you can’t deny the clear SEO benefit of using the services for building inbound links with strong anchor text. Yes, you should also build relationships with key people through the services as much as you can. Share your information, vote on theirs, build relationships. But don’t deny the other benefits just because a few people say it’s taboo.

The problem with using social bookmarking sites for link building purposes comes in when marketers single-mindedly pursue links and do not spend any time making friends or building relationships. Links are nice, but links don’t spend money. People do.

If you want a list of good social bookmarking sites that use the do-follow tag for links, and many of these are great places to build relationships as well, here’s a good list.