co Do You Have A Blogging Toolbox? |

Drew McLellan gave me, along with many other pro bloggers (and I’m honored to be included with the likes of Copyblogger, Yaro Starak, David Meerman Scott, Seth Godin, Liz Strauss, eMoms at Home, and many others), kudos for our inspiration to him in starting his new blog a year ago. Thanks for the mention, Drew. But you did all the hard work!

Drew offers the New Blogger’s Toolbox. I’m not sure whether I’m the screw or the nail, but his list of bloggers to read and learn from is a great list. If you are starting a new blog for your business, I highly recommend going through the links in Drew’s toolbox and reading a few blog posts from those mentioned. Of course, you’ll get lost for hours on some of them so be sure to manage your time. And a year from now, when you are celebrating your first anniversary, you can offer up your own toolbox for new bloggers.