co Social Media Integration Is The Best Marketing |

Market Blagger recently ran a poll of small business owners, asking them what social media tools they’ve been using. The list is pretty telling and what’s not on it says as much as what is. Here are the numbers:

• Blog 67%
• LinkedIn 55%
• Facebook 48%
• Other 39%
• 30%

First, an observation: Blogging is included in social media. That’s interesting.

You’ll often see that blogs are included in the social media category. That’s because there is a strong element of community and social communication taking place on blogs. When readers comment on your blog they are essentially entering into a conversation with you. And you should enter into a conversation with them if you want to convert them into customers.

Next, it’s interesting that LinkedIn and Facebook are also near the top of the list. What’s not on this list is Twitter, but I think if the same poll is taken next year at this time you’ll likely see Twitter on there.

But here’s the real gist of this type of information: All of these tools work better when you work them together, not separately. You can integrate your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles with your blog. Twitter too. And Delicious. And practically any other social media tool. With the right widget, and RSS feed, or particular script, you can add your Deligious tags or bookmarks to your blog’s sidebar. You can add a Facebook profile or a LinkedIn badge to your profile. You can also run your blog’s RSS feed through your social networking profiles.

The benefit to this type of integration is that you promote your content is more places. That’s important. If you want to make the most of your social media marketing efforts, this is the most effective way. Integration.