co Why Google Analytics Is Top Of The Line |

There are a ton of analytics packages out there. Many of them are premium paid packages and they are very good. I wouldn’t down talk them at all. But there are just as many free ones. The one I’d recommend (if you’re going to go free) is Google Analytics. Even if you are considering one of the paid analytics packages, Google Analytics can stand on its own against most of them.

While there are some specific data that Google Analytics doesn’t track. For instance, it won’t tell you which specific link people are clicking on to go from page A to page B. But it will allow you to see which pages people navigate from and to within your website. For most small business, that’s enough.

But Google Analytics has other cool features too, including:

  • Site Overlay – a cool feature so you can see what percentage of visitors click all of your links
  • Benchmarking – You can see how you stack up against the general competition in your field
  • Browser Percentages – You can see what percentage of your visitors use Firefox, IE, or any other browser
  • Traffic Sources – You can view where your traffic is coming from
  • Custom Reports – Create your own reports based on data that is important to you
  • Set Goals – Meaure your success against your own goals
  • Top Content – See which content is getting viewed the most

Google Analytics has plenty more great features as well. If you are a small business owner you can do well with Google Analytics. You don’t need fancy software that costs a lot of money. If you do then you know you do. If you’re not sure, Google Analytics is probably enough.