co Product Feeds Optimize Your Small Business Products for Better Indexing |

Product pages index just like any other page on your website, but you’d probably like them to do more. After all, selling your products or services is a major reason you have an online presence. Small businesses need every tool to promote themselves and there is another way to get your products noticed: a product feed.

A product feed will show up on a blended search–which means it will be featured on all the major search engines and will be mixed in with other items–everything from similar products and services, to news releases, blogs, and other online sites that fit your keyword parameters. Why product feeds work is if someone types in “red ice skates,” they’ll most likely see your product before an article on merits of red skates.

It’s easy to create a product feed, simply put all your product information in a spreadsheet and submit it to the various search engines. It will index separately from your website, so it won’t be buried under your title and numerous pages which may make it harder to identify.

There are three major search engines to submit your products feeds to:

It’s important that you do submit it as a spreadsheet that contains your product and price, as well as a short description or other product details. There’s even a custom field where you can mention special or unusal details, such as an endorsement. Make sure it creates a relevant search so you don’t get lost in the proverbial haystack.

How? Details. Be sure to list product specifics such as sizes, upgrades, or accessories.
The more specific you are, the higher you’ll rank in your product field.

What better way to sell a product that with a picture! That’s right, you can upload images of your products–and you should. This is well worth the effort. Take a lesson from Amazon and EBay and notice that you tend to buy products you can “see.” And be sure to update your product feed page.

Is your product seasonal? Do you have a peak selling time period? Is there a holiday you can link to, use to promote your product? Be sure to update during this time. Not many people get excited about buying ice skates in July.

Product feeds are like the old store-front windows. You want to catch someone’s eye as they stroll by. If someone types in “red ice skates,” you want to be the first product that pops up on their search. Location. Location. Location.