co How to Write a Blog People Want to Read |

Why are blogs appealing? When they’re done right, they give you great information, insight and direction. You can read a blog in five minutes or less–and then go on with your day. Small businesses are perfect for blogs. Why? Because you’re a customer expert. All you do all day–online or in a brick-and-mortar store is talk to, sell to, and think about customers. You are driven to be effective. You already have that natural tone, candor, and appeal customers are looking for.

Secrets to Writing a Great Blog:

  • Name your blog something that has to do with your company name. Make it easy for search engines to find and connect you to your line of work. How? Know your keywords and use them in your header and in your blog.
  • The old KISS rule. Keep it Simple, Sweeheart. Blogs are not supposed to be complicated. Short–250-500 words. That’s it. Simple–Keep your focus simple. Talk about one thing. A promotion, a discount, feature a customer, a helpful suggestion. Don’t leave the topic.
  • Write Tight–Lots of white space. Keep your paragraphs down to 4-5 lines. That’s it.
    Make sure your headlines say it in a nutshell. If that’s the only thing that gets read, will it makie sense? Make those headlines slightly larger–or bold to catch the eye.
  • Don’t go crazy with expressions. Emoticons don’t look professional–and neither do misspellings, exclamation points, or abbreviated words (4 for for, 2B for to be).
  • Use bullet points for how-tos. Bullet points tend to get read when nothing else does.
  • Simple words and simple sentences. Online viewers scan. They don’t really read–they’re busy. Their blackberries buzzing, they have 2 monitors going, a pile of paperwork next to them, and three files open. You’ve got seconds to grab their attention and if you’re lucky, you’ve got 3-4 minutes for them to “get” what you’re trying to say.
  • Think nouns and verbs. You’re the noun (your business) and what you’re offering is the verb–sale, promotion, upgrade, help hints.
  • Online readers like images. Use a few to allow their eyes to rest–and associate you with a visual.
    Link–link back to your website and other pages. Try to keep them with you as long as possible–have good content to refer to. These deep links help get you indexed, which means search engines can find you and point others your way.
  • By creating a clear, dependable writing style, your blogger gets to know and trust you. You can still show personality, tell a crazy story, and be personable with your audience. Blogs are long enough and have enough content for you to express who your company is and what you have to offer–and that it’s more than just hard sales–it’s a relationship.