co Make Sure Your Small Busienss Website Is Easy to Navigate |

Have you ever visited a website that was confusing? Sure you have. You might not remember because chances are, you didn’t stay long. That’s the beauty of the web–you can move quickly to find what you want. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure your small business website is as easy to navigate as possible.

Ways to Make Your Website Easy to Navigate:

  • Make your landing page impressive. You want to know how people find you? They type words or phrases in their web browser. Most of the time, they have a question or a problem they’re needing an answer to. So make sure that your landing page answers those questions. Make it clear who you are, and what you sell, or what your service is.
  • Your landing page can also serve another purpose–to be helpful. Before you go into a hard sell, strive to inform, educate, and answer common questions. Fill your landing page with good content people want–and make sure you have clear links or an order form for easy purchase.
  • List a site map. Viewers want to know what all you have. Consider an “About Us” page, a “Order Here” page, and a “Common Questions our Customers Ask” page. Site maps help your visitors tremendously, but they help search engines, too. Your site map is essentially a link, and search engines love plain old links. They index well, so that gives people even more ways to find your websie.
  • List your contact information on every webpage. Some people aren’t comfortable placing a large order without talking to someone–or doing a little more research–so make it easy for them. Help them find you. List your address, phone number, and any other relevant information where they can see it–again and agian.
  • Keep your text links blue and underlined. Make it easy for people to view all your pages–and blue, underlined text signals us to click–and you want them to click!
  • Consider using a form at the end of your content for orders instead of just a link. Every time you ask your viewer to do click, you risk that they’ll click away from your site. so keep them there, and let them see an order form.
  • By initiating these simple tips, people can find you and your small business easier. You’ll also make it clear and easy for those same viewers to order your products or services, which will mean that your website is serving you very well.