co Are You Staging Your Comeback? How Small Businesses Can Make a Difference |
    Things are starting to happen. President Obama’s stimulus package is now in place, and people are just plain tired of being miserable. Besides, it’s spring. We’ve endured the winter, the economic kick in the gut, the financial fall out–but life goes on. Some people are fortunate enough to get new jobs, and even the real estate market showed a small sign of life last month. If you’re a small business and you’ve been limping along, it’s time to make some plans.

    Eveyone has had to tighten the reigns, and even though it’s going to be a slow comeback, it’s time to think about the future. We had to nix those three and five year goals we made back in 2007, 2008 because it’s a “new economy.” But that doesn’t mean that you can’t regroup and make more realistic plans.

    Stage Your Comeback by Asking These Questions:

      What have we learned?
      What are we really good at?
      What’s the meat and potatoes of our business?
      What areas can we specialize in?
      How can we protect our business financially?
      How can we best care for our employees and meet our financial goals?
      What online and traditional marketing techniques have worked in the “new economy,” and what has proved less useful?
      Who are we networking with–and who should be we networking with?
      Are we using our tools (website, blog, e-newsletter) to build an online presence?
      How can we incorporate “green” practices in your business and personal life?

    Everyone’s office is leaner. Perhaps you moved your small business home, or had to cut your staff. Perhaps you sold off some of your product line or tailored your services to meet the market. Maybe you’re now offering maintenance to your customers more than you’e selling them new products. That’s okay. Now you know–what works and what doesn’t.

    Begin to stage your comeback. Most likely, it’ll be a bit more conservative than those goals you made back in 2007/2008, but we’re different now. We’re all grateful to work, grateful to have a business, and we’re adjusting.

    Your small business could make a difference–in your community, your online community, with your loyal customers who have stood by you. As you move forward–know that as our country rebuilds, you’re part of the new foundation.