co LinkedIn, a Great Place to Publicize Your Website and Check Out References |

Two great perks of LinkedIn is that you can publicize your website(s) and check out references. Both of these tools are great for small businesses because they reduce your search and give you valuable feedback.

LinkedIn allows you to list your website(s), and since they rank high, so do you. Go to a pre-selected category such as “my website,” or “my company,” and list your websites and blogs. You can also click on “other” and modify the name of the link. Be sure to include your name and description so that search engines can find you easily because it’s search engine optimized. And don’t forget to set your profile as “public,” or “full view.”

Another way to use LinkedIn is for a reference check. This goes both ways. You can input a company name and the years someone worked for that company and search for references. You’ll then be privy to other people who worked at that company at the same time the person you’re considering. Most people only list references who are informed they’ll be contacted, and only the ones who will give good references. By contacting various other workers on LinkedIn, you’ll get a more accurate portrayal.

Just because you’re looking for a job and you know they will be performing a background check, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do a little investigating on your own. Employment is a two-way street. So go ahead and check out the company, and your prospective manager’s references. Most people have the most trouble with their immediate boss–so check out your potential employers on LinkedIn and see if this company–and this manager–is going to be a good fit for you. Do an advanced search on the company name. Uncheck the “current companies only” box so you can look at the turnover rate, which will give you an indication of the overall health and atmosphere of the company.

Many recruiters are checking out LinkedIn as they look for job candidates. One IT (information technology) recruiter mentioned that along with and, LinkedIn is included in her search. She uses keyword searches such as C++, Java, Basic, HTML,, or ASP to locate possible candidates. This recruiter said, “If they’re not listed on those three sites, they’re probably not serious about looking for a job.”