co Why Mobile Marketing Might Be Perfect for Your Small Business |

Ever leave your house and forget your phone? You either turn around and go get it–or feel off kilter all day. Cell phones with SMS (short message services or texting) capabilities are the new necessity. It’s no wonder that mobile marketing can be a great way for small businesses to connect with clients–and potential clients.

While mobile marketing isn’t for everybody, it just might be for you. Let’s explore the various ways small businesses can use mobile marketing. As you probably know, SMS (short message services) otherwise known as texting is something many people prefer. It’s silent, it’s handy, and it’s short. Texting is 160 characters or less, and most phones now have internet connectivity and can also send videos, pics, adn mp3 files.

You can use mobile marketing to update customers/clients on contests, event updates, promotional updates, bids, product/service information, such as real estate and other sales info.

Is mobile marketing right for you?
Of course, you have to consider costs. Costs include code leasing, aggregator costs, and cost-message (.10-.20cents). Mobile marketing offers quick updates and less spam than email.

Not everyone has activated or uses SMS/texting features on their phone–currently. But this technology is exploding and phones are just going to smarter and more sophisticated.

Mobile marketing will soon become the norm–just like email. So why not be ahead of the curve?
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