co LinkedIn, It's All About Connections |

You always want to show yourself in your best light–online or in person. So why limit yourself on LinkedIn? Did you know that how you present yourself can make a big difference? This is important whether you own a a small business, work for a large corporation, or own a company. LinkedIn is about connectivity, so make sure people have something to connect to.

An important hint to making the most connections on LinkedIn is to take the time to fill out your whole profile–much like a resume–be sure to include past companies, education, affiliations and activities. Most people who sign up for LinkedIn only list the their current employer, or company they own. This limits your contacts. You want lots of ways for people to identify with you–from your recent award, to where you went to college–to your love of kayaking.

Another smart thing to do is to include a link to your profile as a part of your email signature. Make it easy for people to check you out. That way, you don’t have to brag–just “point.” Walt Whitman said, “it ain’t braggin’ if you really did it.” But there’s no need to toot your horn when you can simply link to see your credentials and get to know more about you.

Another benefit of LinkedIn is that it makes your profile information available to search engines. In fact, LinkedIn ranks high on PageRank. So when someone Googles your name, your LinkedIn page will come in high. That’s impressive. Be sure to click on “full view,” and not private setting. And all you had to do is fill out your profile and start connecting with co-workers and business associates. Make sure you customize your public profile’s URL as your real name (or whatever name you use for business) so that it doesn’t use the default. Take it one step further and use your LinkedIn profile link when you comment on blogs or other internet activity. This will strengthen your rank as well.

LinkedIn is all about connections, but it’s up to you to make the most of it.