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As Simon Cowell tells the contestants on American Idol, “You want to be rememberable.” People summize what they know about you, think about your small business that quick. Sometimes their impressions are spot on. Sometimes it’s a bit off.

Having a personlity online makes people remember you and your website or log. Your business cards, your website, your blog, your e-newsletters, your direct mailings say something about you–and not necessarily in words. People get a feel about a company in an instant. Can you close your eyes and “see” your website? What’s the dominent color? Is there a icon, or logo? Do you see the font clearly in your head? You should be able to. Think of a couple of other sites. Are they jumbled and non-descript–or can you see one thing clearly?
That’s personality in a nutshell.

Does your marketing plan have a personality? It needs to.
I recently visited a site that had done everything right–almost.

Perhaps here’s what their checklist looked like:
Header with title and keywords placed through the text
White background for easy reading
Photograph so that viewers can identify with a real person
Email subscriber box
Follow me on Twitter
StumbleUpon,, and Digg
A list of quotes
Daily blog
Place for readers to join in a comment
Reader Stat Counter
Appropriate Links
The “Best of” archives

I could go down their check list–check, check, check. Yes, the marketing plan was well laid out. I loved the content but…it felt like someone had created this site for the them. It lacked personality. When I closed my eyes I saw too much. It was packed, but nothing stood out.

Web development is just that–development. It takes time to find who you are. It takes time to project the right tone in both words and iimages. Some things you’ll just know–a color or graphic–where other elements evolve.

It’s tempting when you first start a business to spend lots of money on marketing–everything from stationary to storefronts. But pace yourself. You may find that in your enthusiasm to get the ball rolling that you made a few hasty decisions.

That’s where a graphic designer and website builders can lend their expertise. You can brainstorm with them, say what you think you’re after, and then work through the process to get where you want to be. They’ll be able to turn your ideas into personality. Consider visiting or, and remember that finding and showcasing who you really are and making sure that your “rememberable” is worth the fortitude it takes to get there.