co Spruce Up Your Small Business with Surveys |

Are things slow? Do you feel your small business is stalled? Everyone’s been in a holding pattern lately, there’s no denying that. So how do you spruce up your small business and kick start things into gear?

Surveys Can Help to Spruce Up Your Business

Surveys don’t need to be fancy. It can be as simple as picking up the phone and calling your best customers.

Ask them two questions: What does my business do well? What could we improve on?

Times have changed and so have priorities, so talking with your customers and really listening to them may cause you to initiate some changes. Your best customers will be honest–about what you do well and what you could do better. They’ll appreciate your forthrightness and you couldn’t pay a professional to see what your customers see.

Want to take it one step further? Do a survey. Some people respond better to the anonymity of a survey. Survey Monkey,QuestionPro and are great choices to assist your survey needs. You can use a template to create your survey and ask as many or as few questions as you like. You can also put polls on your website and offer incentives for those who take a survey or participate in a poll.

Keep your surveys simple. Ask a minimum of five questions–and have at least 1 question be open ended where they can “talk” (type) freely. Yes or no questions won’t help you as much as a scale of 1-5 or 1-10.

You can send out your questions, surveys, or polls in an email, or post it on your website.
Don’t just sit on the data you’ve collected. You’ve put time and effort into your survey. Break the responses down into categories and then create a plan of action.

If you do decide to initiate changes in response to your surveys, then promote it! Large corporations let the media know when changes occur. Issue a e-release, promote it on your website and in your e-newsletter. State clearly that you listened to your customer’s input and here are the changes. Your customers will feel valued to know that their suggestions were heard.

In today’s climate, it’s time to streamline and find out what you’re doing right–and where you can improve. Small changes can look big when they’re done right. Surveys can help you redefine your goals and spruce up your small business.