co Be Somebody's Favorite, The Basics of Creating Favicons |

A Favicon. is an icon you can place beside your site’s name in the favorites list. It comes before the URL in the address bar, and is used as a bookmarked website on the desktop, in the “Links” bar and on the windows taskbar. Favicons are a great way for people to follow your small business website.

The Basics of Creating a Favicon:

  • Make sure that the bookmark icon you choose is obvious and clear
  • 16x 16 pixels is best
  • You can name it what you want, but Windows recognizes “favicon”
  • Save your bookmark icon with 16 colors as favicon.ico and upload it to each of the directories in your website
  • Upload it to the root of your site (also known as your index page)
  • Place it between your head tags in the HTML of all the pages on your website. This works for Internet Explorer and many other browsers, so give it a try:
  • You can make sure it works by typing in your url (
  • You can also create a favicon at
  • Hey, go crazy and create an icon library! Download a free trial of IconWorkshop by Axialis and have at it

Favicons are a small added feature that makes it easier for your readers to return to your small business site again and again.