co Don't Miss Out on Great Networking Opportunities on Twitter |

If you’re not living under a rock, then no doubt you’ve heard a lot about Twitter.
It’s everywhere–mentioned on CNN, on the Today Show, on Ellen, on MSNBC News. Celebreties are twittering, sports figures, CEOs, and soldiers–and it’s perfect for busy small businesses.

Twitter makes microblogging and social media easy. You only post 140 characters at a time–2-3 sentences. You can read a tweet (post) in a sec–from your phone or laptop. No wonder Twitter is now seeing close to 10,000 new accounts per day. An extimated 4-6 million people follow Twitter worldwide, which makes it a marketing opportunity goldmine.

Small businesses have found that SMS devices such as the iPhone and BlackBerry increase their efficiency and productivity and allow them to stay connected. Twitter is perfect for smartphones because you can market on the go–and because your tweets (posts) are short, you don’t have to overthink.

How Businesses Are Using Twitter:

Offer discounts to those who Twitter.
Offer helpful hints, tid-bits, or ask for questions.
Stay in touch–running late to a meeting? Post a tweet and you don’t have to send out individual emails. Wish a client happy b-day. Give a “good job” to an employee.
Promote a contest.
Connect with other businesses. Share ideas. You might even find a partnership.
Too intimidated to blog? Do it one tweet at a time. A sentence or two is all you need.
Keep in touch with your suppliers.
Take an informal poll–people love to post their opinion and you can improve your sales by knowing what customers want and need.
Announce speaking engagements, and other special events.
Post a link to your webpage, but make sure it’s relevant to what you’re talking about. People like Twitter because it’s light,, so don’t get heavy-handed. Just post a link and say check it out.

The Internet thrives off of what’s new and what’s relevant. Don’t miss the Twitter “boat” There are too many great small business networking opportunities. Twitter makes it easy to be casual, connected, and helpful throughout the day.