co Analyze Your Keywords to Improve Your Small Business Website Rank |

You know your product or services. You know what your clients need–but do you know your keywords? Analyzing your keywords allows you place these all important words and phrases at just the right place on your website and blog–so you can improve your ranking and bring much needed traffic to your small business website.

It’s worth taking the time to write out your keyword list and give it a hard look.
You may be missing important elements.
The web is like a giant, complex phone book. No one can find your small business unless you’re under the right heading. That’s what keywords and keyword phrases are—and just like in the phone book, it sure helps to be at the top of the list—or placed in a big border everyone can see.

The best way to get familiar with what keywords you need is to check out WordTracker, AdWords.Google or Keywords Other great keyword analyzing sites are:,, and Any of these sites will help you zero in on which keywords and keyword phrases will work best for you.

Keyword analyzer programs are a great way to brainstorm for keywords you may have missed, and you might want to try a free trial. Go a little deeper and you can peruse what headlines and URLs landing pages focus on.

Keyword analyzer programs search for keyword phrases, searches, results, Google and Overture Campaigns (this is only a partial list of what they can search for).

What’s all this mean?

Keyword phrases are obvious—it’s a list of keywords that have been searched.
Searches will show you the actual numbers made on a particular keyword.
Results show just how many websites matched that keyword—exactly.
Google Campaigns show the number of AdWord campaigns are based on a particular keyword.
Overture Campaigns show how many overture (advertisements) there are for each keyword.

You’d never consider going into business until you knew if your product or services were needed, and keywords take it one step further. By analyzing your keywords and zeroing in on exactly what people are searching for, you are able to shine the light on your small business—and who doesn’t need a spotlight?