co Five Surprising Strategies You Might Not Have Thought Of, Boost Links and Drive Traffic to Your Site |

Isn’t it great when someone suggests something you haven’t thought of that turns out to be a great idea? There are a few surprising strategies that might be perfect for your small business site. Some are so basic you might have overlooked them, and others will come as a total, “How did I miss that?”

Five Surprising Strategies to Boost Links on Your Small Business Website:

1. Have you registered with your local Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce? Please tell me you have! If not, get going because believe it or not, they’ll provide links to your site.

2. Deep link to your other webpages. If you’re not sure what that means, check out my post on deep links. Refer to different posts so everything doesn’t go back to just one anchor text. Mix it up and use your own great content.

3. Post your services and products on Craigslist and other online classifieds. Even if you don’t get a bite, you get a link. Don’t worry about it being a “no follow” link, just check out Google Analytics and note how many people came to check out your site from your Craigslist post.

4. Comment on other people’s blogs. Be helpful, and always, always sign it by listing your website—even refer to a post they might find useful.

5. Join Squidoo. It’s a user-generated website (sort of a community of webpages called lenses that are placed in subjects/areas of interests. They can hold photos from Flickr, blogs, YouTube videos, eBay auctions, Google maps and various assortment of links. The best part is that Squidoo is huge—in the top 500 most visited sites worldwide (in the top 250 sites in the U.S.). Google loves Squidoo, and you get to list your website on it. Oh, and it’s free.

Take the next few weeks and try just one of these strategies. You’ll make new connections, expand your market, boost links, and hopefully increase your traffic to your website.