co E-Zine Articles Establish You as an Expert and Drives Traffic to Your Small Business Site |

Writing articles for online magazines, also referrd to as e-zines, is a great way for small businesses to share their knowledge and promote their services and products. It cost effective, it does take time and some skill, but the payoff can surprise you.

Why go to the trouble? Because it works.

Articles can drive traffic to your site because every article holds a link to your website, which means your Google PageRank goes up with each incoming link. Articles can even earn you revenue from the GooglleAdSense Program.

How do you get started? Writing articles starts with an idea, and even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, you’ve been gathering ideas for articles all along your business journey. Every time you solve a problem for a customer, offer helpful hints to someone online or on the phone, or share the many ways your products or services can be used, you’ve basically written an article.

Articles are used on the web in a variety of ways—an “article” can be used as:

• Shorter sections as blog posts,
• Bite-size pieces on Twitter
• Content for your own webpages, and for you e-newsletter
• An e-zine article posted on free e-article sites such as (you get to post your name and website, so it’s promotion for you as well),
• Free content for organizations you belong to—or do a search on your various keywords and find a website or blog that’s similar and ask them if they’d like a free article
• Offer bits of it on a forum, or various social media sites
• Keep your focus on being helpful and informative

Not bad for one article. You can take one 300-500 word article and spin it in various directions, so make sure you get plenty of mileage out of those great ideas.

Don’t go crazy and spread your articles to every free site there is–Google spiders won’t like it. Submit to four or five article sites you consider the best for your field.

According to Alexa Page Rank, the best free e-zine article sites to submit to are:


Articles help establish you as an expert in your field—so don’t go heavy handed with your company info in the body of the article. Place your website and contact information at the bottom of the article and focus on writing such a helpful and informative piece of work that they’ll want to come and find your business and website. The more articles you write, the more you’re considered an expert.

Don’t have time to write? You don’t have to. Hire it out and talk someone through the main points. You can find someone who writes in your own company, or search online for professional writers who are comfortable with the style preferred in the online community. Be sure to focus on those ever important keywords in all you write.

Each article benefits your small business in numerous ways—from driving traffic to your site, increasing your rank, and establishing you as an expert in your field.