co Create Deep Links to Keep Your Viewers on Your Small Business Website |

After you get viewers to visit your small business website, your next goal is to keep them there. Deep links do just that.

Deep links are links to other pages deeper in your website.
They refer to content you’ve already created, information they’ll find insightful–and all you have to do is lead (in this case, link) them to it.

Some web designers go a little overboard with this tactic and aren’t striving to link to relevant content. But why do that when you’ve gone to the trouble to create a dynamic website chalked full of helpful tid-bits, contest and discount information, interviews, checklists, and customer features? Why not use your own material?

Any time you’re writing new content, you’re going to be aware of your keywords.
You will write with focus, not manipulation, and it’s only natural to refer to something you’ve already written just as it’s natural to refer to a past conversation when talking with a friend or co-worker. When you do refer to an internal page, such as a post about a previous how-to article, or a great interview or discount, create a link to that page. It’s that easy–and practical.

If your blog is linked to your page, (and you blog regularly, which you should), you’ll have even more material to reference, Visit your own archives and remind yourself of what you’ve written. You can even link to a comment post and create a whole new article based on a question or comment previously written.

Sometimes you put a lot into a post and for some reason, perhaps you didn’t know as much about keywords at the time, or you weren’t indexed properly, that post got very few hits. By writing an article that is a fresh approach to the subject, you can deep link to that original article and breathe new life into your hard work and create even more keyword density.

Why go to the trouble to create multiple web pages if they’re not going to rank well, or no one knows what wealth of information they contain?

One more smart tip is to utilize your social media contacts and link back to a favorite post or article. Don’t just refer to your main webpage, but take the time to discuss something specific and then link to it. If you comment on someone’s blog, don’t just list your main webpage, but link back to a particular article, hot-to helpful tip, or discount that has some connection with their blog or what was discussed.

Viewers type in keywords to find the websites and blogs that contain the information they’re looking for. So why not make it even easier for them to get past your small business introductory home webpage and delve into the heart of the content you’ve created by creating deep links.