co Small Business Marketers, You Gotta Get Around, The 'Net That Is |

Remember that great oldies song, “I Get Around?”
That should be the theme song of small business owners when it comes to Internet marketing.
It’s best to approach the online community by touching on as many bases as possible.

According to, a recent poll taken by Zogby International in conjunction with WeMedia state that 63% of Americans believe that entrepreneurs and small businesses “will lead the way” as we move past the current economic climate.

There’s no better time than now to establish your name, brand, and recognition on the Internet.

Smart Ways to Create Your Small Business Web Presence:

• Get Social–social media, that is. It’s time to join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and don’t forget to focus on those business related sites such as Ecademy, Ryze, Networking for Professionals, Tribe, Care2, Xing and MEETin.

• It’s important to register on these social media sites because there’s such a thing as “social squatters,” people and companies who register as you, your company name, and even your product names. Posing as you, they contact interested parties, they take your clients, and you never know if you didn’t register and monitor your account.

• Make sure you can be found in all sections of the major search engines. Submit to the Open Directory Project and check into some helpful sites such as SubmitExpress, AddPro, or FreeWebSubission for easy directions and to make sure you cover your bases.

• Visit other blogs and comment, but keep it professional and related to the topic. It’s smart to have a signature that lists your name and website so it’s not so blatant that you’re on the prowl for business. If you believe you have something valuable to offer, that’s how it’ll come across.

• Join forum discussions. Will you get flamed? Maybe, but keep a good sense of humor, and as long as you don’t push your business and have contribute nothing, they just might tolerate you–especially if you offer needed advice, visit regularly, and enjoy interacting.

• Continue to send out e-newsletters and update your website with content. Write articles, interview a customer, or feature a product. Email your clients and offer a discount, especially if they forward your e-newsletter on to others.

The World Wide Web is like a great party. Your small business is standing at the door (your website), and you need to work the room, shake hands, pass out business cards, and make connections.

Start clockwise, take a deep breath and start shaking (online) hands.