co What the Heck is Twitter, Why You Should Care and How Your Competitors are Using it to Grow Their Businesses |

Now don’t laugh – when I first heard of Twitter, I thought it was ridiculous!

But then I did some research and started using it myself and I’ve discovered just how wrong my first assumption about this amazing tool was.

Twitter is a powerful tool for building your brand and growing your small business – and it’s free!

It’s no secret that marketing has radically changed and that social media sites have been a catalyst for that change. Companies worldwide are now using Twitter to affordably and effectively market their business. How can you tap into the power of Twitter to use it to find new customers and grow your sales?

Twitter can be just a waste of time if you don’t know how to use it in a way that actually works for your business … come learn how at my workshop coming up on February 25th.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn:

• What Twitter is
• Permission marketing – what it is, and why you should care
• The benefits of using Twitter for business
• The top 10 reasons companies need to be on Twitter
• Getting started – choosing your Twitter name and creating your profile
• Customizing your Twitter page
• You’re not leading if no one is following – how to get a flood of followers
• What to Tweet about – how to make sure you are worthy of being followed
• How to use Twitter applications to help you be more effective
• Twitter success stories – case studies of how business owners are using Twitter to grow their sales
• Specific examples of how you can use Twitter in YOUR business to grow your sales
We’ll be working “hands-on” so you’ll actually set up your Twitter profile and start using Twitter during the workshop. You’ll leave this workshop knowing exactly what you need to do to put the power of Twitter behind your marketing efforts – but be forewarned, Twitter can be addictive, especially as you get the hang of how easy it is to use to grow your business!

For more information and to register, go to: and click on the February 25th class today!