co Bookmark Your Small Business Website and Watch Visitors Return |

Small businesses thrive on repeat customers, and it’s no different on the web. The goal is to entice your viewers to return to your site again and again. How? By offering your viewers new content—discounts, helpful information, interviews, contests, and other fresh material.

The other easy and overlooked way to get viewers to return to your website is by bookmarking.

Yes, anyone can add you to their “favorites” list, but I compare that to remembering to take in my recyclable bags to the grocery store—I mean to, but most of the time I forget.

So why not help your viewers out by posting a small bookmark icon on each of your web pages, and including your blog. You’ll immediately notice a bump in traffic by bookmarking.

Since Microsoft Internet Explorer accounts for about 60% of the browser share, and MSIE 5.0 offers a bookmark icon, and you might want to consider it, but you do have other options such as. and have a collection of social bookmarks that you can download for your website.

Two other, and more popular, bookmarking icons that you can which are ready-made for using on your website are AddThis and ShareThis. You simply sign up for an account and insert the code into the content of your website. The icon will appear for your visitors to use for bookmarking your website at one of several bookmarking services online.

It only takes a few minutes to add a Bookmarking icon to your site, and your viewers won’t mind the friendly nudge. Continue to offer solid content that gives them a reason to return—and tell others about your small business website.