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Most people think of the World Wide Web as well, world wide, but there’s a lot of local and regional marketing that small businesses can accomplish online. In fact, online searches have all but done away with the phone book. You want a phone number of your doctor, you go online. You want to buy new tires, so you type in tires, name of your city, and hit enter.

Small business websites are now creating geo-targeted web pages in order to reach their local customers–as well as those on the other side of the globe. The fancy term for this is geo-location, which simply put means that search engines are using various ways to figure out where you (technically, it’s you and your computer) are.

Geo-targeting search engines find local businesses by a variety of ways. They use your search terms–what you actually type in, your computer’s IP (Internet Protocol) address, which is unique to every computer, and partner search sites that are strategically placed.

All the major search engines offer local search features, and now, many of them such as Google Maps can lead customers straight to your brick-and-mortar doors. Even other websites are willing to help out local businesses. offers readers local and regional flyers from nearby stores. Just type in your city or zip code and you can find every sale that’s going on that week in your area.

Ways You Can Attract Geo-Targeting to Locate Your Website:

• Include your full address in your TITLE and DESCRIPTION Meta tags.

• Include your address information near the top of all of your web pages (each one as a header is one way to go) makes it easy for search engines to pick this information up.

• Include your business locations including city and zip throughout the content of your site.

• Register for local searches on major search engine sites.

• Include your city and other key information in links, and if you use PPC, pay per click, sign up for their local search feature.

Make it easy for your customers to find you. Geo-targeting is like drawing a bulls-eye around your business, and it’s that inner red ring that circles your small business online marketing strategy.