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You’ve hired a web designer, paid for search engine optimization, made sure your keywords and keyword phrases are placed correctly within the content of your site, and you’ve even learned a thing or two about links–but what you don’t know is if all your hard work and cash outlay has paid off.

Can your small business website be found quickly?

There’s a great book by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton, Now, Discover Your Strengths, which reveals that it’s much smarter to capitalize on your strengths, what you’re already doing well, than to attempt to work on your weaknesses. They’re weak for a reason–you’re not good at it.

So take that basic principle and apply it the success of your small business, and in particular, to the success of your website. One mark of a successful website is how well it ranks on search engines. The higher your website is placed on search engines, the easier it is for people to find you. Face it, how many times when you’re searching online, do you wander past page five? Not often.

The easiest way to check your site rank is to simply type in one of your keywords and see what comes up. Does your website come up on Google on page one? Two? Ten? Check some other search engines and see what happens. One way is to do an advanced search link on Google and check for your keywords, then scroll through a few pages and see if your site is listed.

There are other ways. As with anything on the Internet, you can pay to find out your site ranking.
There are several companies such as,, and (some offer 30 day free trials), that offer software that can show you your rank on various search engines within minutes. If this interests you, you might also consider and

Why go to all the trouble and expense to find out?

Because you want to know what you’ve done right.

It’s vital to know how people find your website so that you can then repeat that process many times over! You want to know what search engines have given your site a higher rank, and you want to know what keywords brought them to you.

If you have a good web designer, you can ask them to view your logs and this will show how your viewers are finding your site. If you write a blog, many blog sites such as WordPress and Blogger will provide a log for you. You’ll be able to see what exactly what words and phrases were typed in, (very enlightening since you begin to see the problems or issues people have and what they are searching for).

You’ve already invested so much in your company and in your website and other online tools. It take time and effort to build your site ranking, and there’s nothing more motivating than to see progress.

By knowing your small business site ranking, you can continue to build upon your strengths.