co Generate Site Traffic with Pay per Click Ads |

Pay per clicks can be a shortcut to building traffic for your site.
In fact, some larger companies are foregoing SEO and going straight to pay per click (PPC).
Is PPC feasible for small business owners? It’s certainly worth considering the pros and cons.

The basic premise of pay per click is that you pay each time one of your ads is clicked on.
So instead of finding your keywords, optimizing your site and searching for innovative ways to link and get linked, you simply “buy” your way to the top of the search engine mountain of success.

Google AdWords is one useful type of PPC, now Yahoo! and MSN have their own version.

It’s relatively simple to set up a PPC account.
For example, on Google, all you have to do is go to Google Adwords, register, give them your credit card number, and you’ll have an account. From there, you create an ad (with a title, text, and a link to your web page), and then choose your keywords that will guide traffic to your ad (you can’t get away from keywords no matter what). The next step is to then bid on those keywords.

How do you know what to bid?

Your goal is to be in the top three bidders for this keyword.
Any pay per click company you use will list their ad prices. See if this is something you can afford. Being in position three has its advantages–you pay less and you still get “seen” often. Because the pay per click system is determined by many factors such as quality, click throughs, and other factors, being in the number one position isn’t always worth the extra monetary output.

Two Types of Pay per Click Ads:

• Search engine ads are just that. These PPC ads will be placed on search engines.

• Content match ads are placed on websites and will be distributed throughout that system. For example, Google AdWords are distributed throughout the Good AdSense program, so this type of pay per click ad will show up on a variety of sites.

The Pros of Pay per Click Ads:

• It’s dependable. If you have the money, it’s pretty much a sure bet to generate web traffic quickly. By quick, I mean within days or weeks as compared to months, if not years of building your site’s recognition by natural search (when people just type in a word or phrase). Also, PPC’s don’t experience as much fluctuation, so you don’t see the daily ups and downs that occur otherwise.

The Cons of Pay per Click Ads:

• You have to pay, and sadly, it’s become popular and the prices are still going up.
• Natural searches work as well and shouldn’t be ignored. Ideally, PPC’s should be used as a part of your promotional campaign and not its entirety.

Nothing is guaranteed, but pay per clicks can be a great tool to help small businesses get established fast. The secret is to do some research and get those all important keywords nailed so that whether your clients find your site through a natural search or through a pay per click, those keywords will draw the right viewers straight to your website.