co Wordtracker, a Smart SEO Timesaving Tool for Small Businesses |

Wordtracker is a great tool for any small business who wants to optimize their site.
In fact, SEO professionals rely on this tool to find out what people are searching for.
But you don’t need to be a web designer or SEO specialist to use this smart and timesaving tool.

Wordtracker is a website that tells you what search engines are looking for. It takes the data from metacrawlers, systems such as Dogpile that searches other systems such as Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and, to name a few of the biggies.

Believe it or not, there are over 100 million searches every month. Wordtracker creates a database that holds this information for 100 days, which averages close to 400 million searches. Wordtracker then lists these search words so that you know what people are looking for.

Wordtracker does charge a fee, but it’s reasonable and worth it. You can sign up for Wordtracker and use it for just one day or one week.

How Wordtracker Can Help You:

• Wordtracker lists keywords and meta tags used by competing sites.
• Wordtracker lists rankings according to frequency used.
• Wordtracker lists common misspellings, synonyms, and other related words and phrases you might have not thought about.
• Wordtracker lists exact phrases so you can literally see what people are typing in.
• Wordtracker lists how many times a word or phrase is used on any given day. (Remember that you might also have seasonal words that won’t be used in the last 100 days, but their use might spike over a holiday or particular season).
• Wordtracker is more accurate than using a search engine to look for keywords since their results aren’t skewed by competitor’s keyword searches Wordtracker can analyze when a word is used repetitively in a short amount of time and doesn’t consider this a “true” search.

Wordtracker is immensely helpful if you’re building a site and are on a lean budget (and who isn’t?) Create your list of keywords first, and then check them on Wordtracker. You’ll quickly learn which keywords and keyword phrases are used the most, their variations, the keywords that have little competition.

Wordtracker is well worth the financial and time investment for small business owners. Be sure to mention this great tool to your web designer or SEO specialist. And don’t be afraid to try it yourself. Knowing your keywords will allow you to create a website that’s easy to find and exactly what people are looking for.