co Syndicating Articles, Get Links and Establish Yourself as an Expert |

Syndicated articles are a great way to add content to your website, but there’s also another great use of syndicated articles that will benefit your small business, and that’s when you syndicate your own content and submit them as articles for other websites and e-newsletters.

You don’t have to be a great writer to write a short article about information you know very well. You don’t even have to write it yourself, but don’t let all those years of small business knowledge and insight go to waste.

Syndicating articles give you two advantages: you to get noticed by search engines through links or when e-newsletters get archived as web pages, and it helps spread the word that they should check out your website.

Should You Write the Article or Hire it Out?

Who says you have to write it? Not all small business people have a way with the pen, so hire it out. Talk into a tape recorder or have someone take notes. Is there someone in your office who writes your emails and does a darn good job? If they can write a decent email, they can write a short article. You can hire someone online, post it on Craig’s List, or call up your local college. You’ll get lots of takers if you tell them you’re paying $20.00 an hour, which is all the time they’ll need.

To get started, visit some free article sites and read the content. There are lots of “how to” articles, as well as “fix a problem” articles. As a small business owner, these types of customer based problems are something you’re used to handling.

How to Write a Simple Article:

State the problem, tell a quick story about someone who needed your help (change the name) offer 3-5 solutions, and wrap up with how that person in your story is doing great all because they followed these simple instructions. Keep your articles to about 250-500 words, and use conversational language.

Remember: State your site name near the top of the article and place your site logo near the top as well. Include a link on the logo that takes them directly to your site. Try to post a link to your site within the body of the article. Make sure that link contains a keyword, but you will have to make sure that whatever article submission site you use will allow links within the article body.

End the article with a bio box, or an “about us” box. Again, it should contain a keyword link back to your site and a logo that also contains a link. Be sure to use the ALT text in the tag,

Keep a library on your own website of all the articles you’ve written. State that viewers are welcome to use these articles if they ask your permission. Ask that the content not be changed, that the logos, links, and bio information be included, and that all links must use the standard HTML tags.

Your goal is to use your years of experience to establish yourself as an expert and to reach your potential customers. They’ll be be so impressed with your syndicated article that they follow the link or the logo right back to your small business site.